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Tonight’s entertainment: Adafriut ESP32 board with BNO055 orientation sensor and a mini oled lcd.

For Micro Monday (is it still a thing or am I too late to the party?) I’d like to recommend @jack for his goregeous analog photos, interesting discussions, and lot of geeky goodness.

@manton just had a thought, how about some non-activity badges? Instead of the 30 day post-a-day badges, something like a “lurker” badge, “introvert” badge, or 1, 30, etc days of silence (Would still require using m.b, just not saying anything)? On second thought, maybe not…

Why am I compelled to read every post in my timeline and read every remotely interesting discussion these posts lead me to? Why do I feel guilty about not catching up with my timeline after couple days of being away? I must be doing something wrong…

Putting things in perspective image courtesy of PHD Comics

The saga of mysterious attacks in Cuba continues……

I can’t put my finger on it, but iOS 11 did something to autocorrect and it’s annoying as hell. For eg, it autocorrects my name “Mayo” to my brother’s nickname “Mato” (defined as my brother’s nickname in Contacts). This is frustrating, especially when filling out forms.

Interesting and exciting news from the world of archeology: Fortresses, farmlands of the Maya emerge from massive LiDAR survey

My first Micro Monday recommendation is a fellow wanderer @solari for his interesting and insightful views on life, as well as beautiful photos.


I wonder why the @help account is getting listed in the discover section? It doesn’t really post anything and doesn’t everyone follow it by default? @manton

You could spend thousands of dollars and time to build machine that can run Lightroom decently (and hope it gets optimizations, because it’s still not good enough), or you could just switch to more sane tools that run much faster on older hardware (like Capture One 10). sigh


Sunrise. Posted from Sunlit

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche. A very comforting read and ponder kind of book, especially after losing my dad. Highly recommended for anyone dealing with loss as well as joy of life. 📚

I appreciate how Travis CI lets you build for free, but when you rely on it and it breaks it sucks.

I’d be willing to pay premium for it when I need it, not as ongoing subscription. Might be time to consider Heroku or AWS Code Deploy.